The only thing more heart-sinking than dropping your phone in the toilet is...well..maybe realizing your stuff isn't backed up!

Most of us have done it.  Either a big splash or the casual spilling of some coffee or water on our keyboard.

So what do you do??

1. Carefully...remove...said phone from the toilet.
2. Try not to freak out.

The best advise for a submerged device, though, is to immediately turn it off.  As in, power it down.  Take it out of the case and note if water is draining out.  Lean it upright withe microphone side down (iPhones on their left side, which is the battery side). and keep them like that for several hours or even overnight.  If there's a warmer room that might help, too.  Rice doesn't help, so save that for dinner!  The goal is to not short-circuit the motherboard and connections while it drys.  You can give me a call or bring it by a service center and see if they can open it up to dry it out.  I would do this for a nominal fee of $30, unless we find extensive water issues.  Not sure what others charge.

How about laptop or keyboard spills?  Again, immediately power it off and tip it upside down (keyboard side down).  Your files are usually safe with simple spills.  You just want to prevent shorting out the motherboard.  I've read a hairdryer on a cool or warm setting can be blown into the keyboard area with good drying results.

How do you know when it's safe to turn things back on?  Well, you don't!  Unless you have someone take it apart and make sure it's dry, there's always a risk it will short out when you add power to it.

Now's the time to back everything up.  Don't wait until it's in the toilet and too late!

Let us know if you have any questions or need help.