Do you back up your computer? 

There are cheap, even free, ways to accomplish this backing up task.  Here's a few suggestions for your computer.

The free way: Use free cloud storage.  Google's Drive, Microsoft's One Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Box Storage, iCloud.

Of course there are limitations with this free option.  Each come with a varying amount of free space between 5 and 15GB.  Maybe not enough to backup all of your photos.  But remember, you can use more than one free provider.

The second option is an external, or USB, flash drive that plugs into your computer.  The downside is the inconvenience of remembering to plugin and unplug.  Cost is reasonable.  Flash USB Keys are more expensive per GB and larger plugin drives start around $55.

The third option: A wireless drive.  Some external drives can be plugged into your router.  This is a more expensive way but most convenient since it will be accessible wirelessly.  With simple software, you can have it automatically backup your computer at set intervals. Pricing starts at $150 and all of your devices may be able to backup to this device.

Whether you have important files or precious pictures, always remember to have a copy in two places.  Remember, a backup hard drive isn't meant to be a place you offload or archive all your stuff as a sole copy.  If one drive fails, you still need a second copy.  Backup drives can fail too.

We offer in-home setup of these devices.  Let us know if you have any questions.