The age-old question is whether to keep your computer on or off?  Well Windows 10 is data-hungry and update-happy.  When you turn off your computer it can't update.  Then it becomes unhappy.  Unhappy to the point that I've seen several systems slow down because it hasn't updated.  

To complicate things, Windows 10 is rolled out in waves.  Unlike Windows 7, when they rollout a new update, it's not sent to every machine.  You may have to wait several days for the update to be available to you.

You can still have your hard drive turn off or your sleep set for 4 hours, etc.  That way you don't run your hard drive or keep your screen lit all hours of the night.

Still want to shut-down?  If you have a laptop you close the lid on or you still want to shutdown your desktop, then consider manually checking for updates more frequently, like once a month.  Go to Settings-->Windows Updates and "Check for Updates."