These are our General Terms and Conditions in regards to computer repairs.  This is sent out to customers who have requested an estimate or troubleshooting on their computer.  Please be aware that there is a minimum charge (noted below) and reply that you understand and agree to these Terms before work is started on your computer.  If you have questions, please ask before accepting these Terms.

By using MY COMPUTER SOLUTIONZ (referred to below as OUR) services for computer or website repair, diagnosis, an estimate or troubleshooting (referred to below as ESTIMATE), THE CUSTOMER (referred to below as YOU) understand and agree to the following:


Diagnosing computer issues can be a longer process than expected. Computer issues include, but aren't limited to, PC/Mac startup issues, slow computers, pausing or "sticking" windows, website errors or updating, email issues. To be fair to our customers needing a computer ESTIMATE, we will provide about an hour of time to diagnosis the issue you are having and, in some cases, have a clear and defined diagnosis. In some circumstances, especially when your computer is not present at our location, or we can not remotely login to your computer, we all provide as much information to you as possible to resolve your issue. 

When you have us provide an ESTIMATE over the phone, you may be required to help our technician walk through troubleshooting steps and/or connect your computer to a remote service for troubleshooting or repairs. By using our services, you understand that there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide a clear diagnosis by the end of an hours work. We will, however, provide you with options on how to proceed, sometimes including options whether to fix or not proceed with fixing your computer. These options and any diagnosis are our opinions and are made under our best judgement based on the circumstances.


A MINIMUM CHARGE FOR ESTIMATES (DIAGNOSIS OR TROUBLESHOOTING) IS $30 for software issues and $45 for hardware issues and is non-refundable.  This fee, however, may be applied towards the cost of repairs made. This is to provide you with an honest and fair estimate, based on our abilities described above. Additional charges will be discussed if further work is requested.